At Telehealth OT Services, we serve families of children with autism who are homeschooled.

We also provide education and trainings for occupational therapy practitioners who want to learn about telehealth and other ways to work from home.

Learn About All The Benefits Of Telehealth


Stop driving to your therapy appointments or eliminate the car seat battle.

It's Raining

Stop cancelling therapy appointments due to inclement weather. Stay inside and stay dry.

Waiting Room

Eliminate the waiting room experience. Get into the virtual waiting room from the comfort of your home.


Don't expose yourself or your child to illnesses in public places, especially if they are already immunocompromised.


Help the child in their home environment. Learn to help them with all the things they do at home.


Parents are empowered to help their children with participation in all activities. Parents become the therapist's hands.

"I have been struggling with getting started with the whole process of shifting my business online. Working with Reina made me feel much more confident to set up my business sooner than later. The process she provides is going to make this so much easier!"

Tiffany Zakka
Occupational Therapist

"Words cannot express my gratitude for finding such an amazing occupational therapist such as Reina. My daughter made huge improvements in such a short amount of time. Reinaโ€™s professionalism, compassion, kindness, and expertise in her field are one of a kind. I highly recommend OT services from Reina."


"I liked the [Telehealth OT Mini Course] a lot! It really helped me to get started and answered all my questions. Especially with how telehealth works in occupational therapy."

Shara Manning
Occupational Therapist

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