A Special Offer for Telehealth OT Services

Why you should consider BetterTelehealth:

No signup fees, no subscription fees. Transactional billing model to accommodate month to month changes in the industry. HIPAA compliant with the utmost security accommodated by signing a BAA with every practice. Easily connect with with a click of a button (no patient sign up or application download required by your patients) on your desktop, Ipad, or mobile device to give your practice the ability to acquire new patients and grow your business. BetterTelehealth takes care of all the administrative work for you – automatic reminders, digital sign off of Telehealth Consent to Treat, your very own AI bot to help troubleshoot with patients and make sure their audio and video recording and computer settings are set up and ready to go so your therapists don’t have to worry about the technical difficulties!


  • 3 cents/minute per call, 6 cents/minute per call recording
  • All virtual sessions are conducted in a secure and HIPAA compliant environment
  • Expands your access to patients beyond your clinic’s location
  • Easy to use, easy to access for patients and providers

Calendar reminders automatically set up to improve patient compliance

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Increased efficiency for your front office, patient satisfaction, and improved outcomes.

  • Supports more flexible scheduling for your patients
  • Increases patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Reduces no-shows/cancellations
  • Allows your clinicians to evaluate, assess, and treat many types of conditions virtually

How does it work?

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Download the BetterTelehealth Mobile App

Use our new mobile app for a more seamless mobile experience, designed for Occupational Therapy Telehealth visits! BetterTelehealth has now added an improved experience by providing a native mobile application. The BetterTelehealth native mobile applications provide a high quality, stable, and customizable video conferencing experience on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.