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Uncategorized Jul 02, 2020


You have to wear pants. No, really. I think this is super, super important. Don’t think “Oh I work from home, I can be comfortable and wear whatever I want.”

When I dress for the day to work from home in my Telehealth business, I dress as if I’m leaving out the door and people will see me. I don’t wear pajama pants, just because my legs aren’t visible. As I am writing this, for example, I’m wearing a polo shirt, jeans, and shoes. You’re probably thinking “Really? Shoes?”. Yes. You should even put on your shoes because if you’re going to stand up and to demonstrate something for a client, you don’t want to show your bare feet. Be fully dressed and look professional.

Aside from looking professional and looking the part, you’re going to want to feel the part. I just showered. I just got dressed. I feel like I’m ready to work. I’m ready for my day. If I do the opposite, for example, half asleep with a cup of coffee and ask “How can I help you?” It presents differently. It will not feel energetic, and it will not be a good session.

I know that people think, “Oh, you work from home, you get to wear your pajamas. That’s so nice. You don’t have to get up and shower or you can just roll out of bed and just go see a client.” But as a Telehealth provider, the answer is -No. The worst I’ve done is get out of the shower with my hair wet, but I still brush it and get ready for my day.

I know that my clients can tell the difference. Make sure you dress the part or pretend like you’re going to a regular job and you’re going to feel better and you will do well and your clients will appreciate it.


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