Let's Talk The Scary Elements Of Telehealth

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2020

It’s a Monday morning in September, the new school year is only a few weeks underway, and you’re still getting comfortable in your new routine. You have 20 minutes until your first client. They are doing virtual school this year, which is new to them too. 


As you boot up your computer you think to yourself, I love this job, at home, steps away from my coffee pot, I can cross my legs at my desk, my pup is sleeping under my desk, and I’m helping people from the comfort of my home. How could I get so lucky? 


As you boot up Zoom and plug in your headset you make sure you have your props and water within reach and get ready to start the call. 


You go to dial in and Zoom crashes - it’s okay, just breathe. “I still have time”, you say to yourself. 


You reboot your computer and try again… 


This time it works, but no audio - great, now what? I can’t not have audio during my session, that wouldn’t be very Telehealth. 


You type in the chat, “I’m really sorry. I am going to reboot my Zoom. Hang tight” - your breathing is rapid as you wait for a response. You’re throwing your client off their schedule a bit and you hope they take it well. If not, how will your session go? 


Let’s take a step back. Breathe.Tech is great, but it’s not always that great, and a rule of thumb is always restart first. So you breathe, restart the computer, and reboot Zoom. You breathe to maintain composure because you know your client will feed off your energy - yes even when not in person. So as you get re-situated you…. 


Breathe In 




Breathe Out 


And Again 


Good! Now that we are all feeling a little bit better, let’s remember that breathing exercise throughout the scary stuff. 


Do you tell yourself anything while you breathe that helps you stay grounded? 


Mine is usually, “I am stronger than this! I am THE woman!” OR “It’s not as big as it seems. I’ll break it down smaller and be okay!”


Yes, I may have to tell myself this repeatedly as I am going through tasks, but you know what? 


It’s totally okay. You’re getting through it and you’re growing so much as you do! 


Thank you for attending my Ted Talk Pep Talk 😂

So now that we got a tech nightmare out of the way, let’s talk about maintaining SUCCESS through the tech hurdles. 


See, that wasn’t so scary, was it? It’s something we all want, right? Success? But it’s this part that terrifies us, isn’t it? Or the lack of success? How many of you have stopped going forward because you’ve thought ‘what if I fail?’ 

Well, darling, what if you fly? When those thoughts come up, STOP and think, ‘what if I succeed?!?!’ Especially with regards to your Telehealth business. The tech side is a huge part of Telehealth success,  am I right? 




It’s overwhelming, I’ll level with you on that, yes it is, but you are not alone! You also can’t just jump in and expect to know what you’re doing. You have to study, learn, research, and take advantage of other resources available that will shed light on your new avenue of business. 


Ask friends, colleagues, join Facebook groups - but remember do it in stride, overwhelm may overtake you, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. 


You can learn as you go, or learn from others, like me, as you go. 


Don’t panic. There are so many people you can learn from along the way and you don’t have to have it figured out all at once. As soon as you finish school or even within a year of you practising. 


Look at you now. You’re reading this blog. You’ve found me, your new friend. I’ve been where you are. I will be walking alongside you or showing you the way.


My experiences in school as I tried to decipher the avenue I wanted to take my OT services in, and our leap into Telehealth during a pandemic have all led me to build a Facebook Community for us. 


And yes I said US, because just from being here, you’re a part of it now. Join OUR 

Facebook Community! 


After a support system (Community), comes your toolbox - full of all the tools you need to succeed with your Telehealth business. To get you started I’ve compiled a list of my top 8 products for successful Telehealth - it’s free get it here .


See why you had to read to the end? I’ve got your back with so many resources already and we may have only just met. 


That’s not all. I have one more incredible resource for you. One that will lead to you gaining first-hand experience of what Telehealth sessions look like, see how us who have been doing Telehealth for a while perform our sessions and get some perspective on your potential day in the life can look like and better yet - it makes it less scary! 


It’s a free LIVE training I’ve made especially for you, I’ll walk you through a basic Telehealth setup and how to get started. The LIVE training will take place on Thursday, August 20th at 10 am EST and 9 pm EST you can pick the best time in your day to attend. Sign up here


See that wasn’t so scary after all, wasn’t it? I’m right here as a friend and colleague along your journey. Come join me in this fun entrepreneurial world called Telehealth.


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