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The Telehealth OT Mini Course

Are you wondering how to get started with telehealth? Or how you can become a telehealth provider?

Telehealth seems to be the new buzz word...or even everyone's "new normal" now. But how exactly, do you get started?

When I first became interested in telehealth, there were very FEW resources available. I remember going to teleMEDICINE conferences where I asked about OT and no one had an answer.

Years later, little did I know that a pandemic would force everyone into needing to learn about telehealth.

I created this course as a way to help you get started. It's going to save you all YEARS it took me to learn about telehealth.


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Telehealth vs In-person

You will learn how to adjust your service delivery model to telehealth confidently and competently. You will learn what equipment is needed to have a successful telehealth session.

Client Appropriateness

At the end of this course, you will know if your client is appropriate for telehealth. Hint: Not all clients are a good fit. Lesson three includes examples of telehealth sessions.


You will learn different strategies to implement before, during, and after a telehealth session and you will get an introduction to laws/regulation, referrals, and payment source.

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