Learn how to help your child participate in their daily activities

Activities of Daily Living

Activities of daily living include getting dressed, grooming, self-feeding, bathing, and toileting.  Part of child development is beginning to participate in self-care tasks such as brushing teeth, opening lunch boxes, and pulling pants up and down for potty time.

Sensory Processing

Sensory processing is our ability to receive input from the environment and respond to it appropriately.  Sensory input can be in the form of touch, taste, hearing, seeing, and smelling.  Individuals all respond to these senses in different ways.  Sometimes children have trouble adapting to new sensations.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills include the ability to use our hands to coordinate small movements.  This includes the ability to use tools, such as crayons and scissors.  Other activities such as connecting Legos and stringing small beads require fine motor skills.

Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are the large movements made by the body.  These skills are important for activities like walking and climbing.  Kids also need gross motor skills for many other play activities such as riding a bike.

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