OT Online Side Hustle and Beyond:

The 2021 LIVE Virtual Conference for Occupational Therapists

Learn about more than 15 ways to make money online from over 50 online creators & get started with your online revenue stream by Monday!


Work from home

Gain time flexibility to do what's meaningful to you

Get financial freedom


Reserve your seat today, spaces are limited.

This LIVE event starts at 9am EST on Saturday, September 11 and will carry through Sunday, September 12 with sessions all weekend from over 50 speakers and experts!












"Live Virtual Conference"


"Event Plus Coaching"


Network with experienced entrepreneurs


be inspired


Start your own online side hustle


have the freedom to work from home!


If you're an occupational therapist who wants to make an income online, you're in the right place.

You are completely fed up with your current OT position and you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to walk into your boss’ office and say “I quit!” (maybe that’s a little extreme, but you at least want to start making passive income). 

The problem isn’t necessarily that you don’t have an idea, because we all know OTs are creative beings. The problem is that you don't know how to get started. 


All of the panelists of the OT Online Side Hustle and Beyond have been exactly where you are and they have all come together to help YOU! They will be sharing their experiences with making money online. Telling you exactly what’s worked and what hasn’t. 

We’re going to guide you with those first steps and get you well on your way to making passive income. If you’re really serious about wanting to make money online, you’ll start NOW!


Topics to be covered...

Coaching & consulting

Selling digital & physical  products

Blogging, YouTube, & social media



Writing a book


Creating online summits

...and more!


How It Works

At the top of every hour we will start discussing a new topic. 3-7 panelists will participate in a group interview followed by a breakout session, where you will get to ask all of your questions.

how to make money online as an occupational therapist



Saturday, September 11th

9am EST - Keynote Address
Greg Todd, Smart Success Healthcare

10am EST - Coaching
-Carlyn Neek, Balance Works OT
-Lindsey Vestal, The Functional Pelvis
-Tanya Peterson, Polish 2 Prosper
-Joanie Johnson, Polish 2 Prosper
-Amanda Bartlett, Align with Amanda
-Beki Eakins, Considering Health Coach

11am EST - Digital Products
-Jaime Spence, Miss Jaime O.T.
-Dairian Roberts, Humbled by -Motherhood
-Nancy Yamoah, You Can Therapy Services
-Alison Sims, Development Tools
-Maddie Mello Blas, Development Tools
-Brittini Barnes, Play the OT Way

12pm EST - Blogs/Instagram
-Colleen Beck, The OT Toolbox
-Tonya Cooley, Therapy Fun Zone
-Amirra Condelee, Marvelous Mirracles
-Margaret Rice, Your Therapy Course

1pm EST - Direct Sales
-Emily Cambria, Project Wellness for Life
-Claire Adams Stafford, Stafford Therapy
-Patrice Maynard, Maynard Milestones
-Mylissa Hodges, MLM

3pm EST - Copywriting
-Jenny Gill, Jenny Gill Copywriting
-Krista Frahm, Krista Frahm Agency
-Kayla Hartt, Kayla Hartt OT
-Lisa Westhorpe, Nurture Occupational Therapy

4pm EST - Online Course
-Meg Proctor, Learn Play Thrive
-Marika Austin, Bearfoot OT
-Devon Breithart, The Dynamic School OT
-Sarah Beaulieu, Sarah Bee OT

5pm EST - Memberships
-Melanie Batista, Growing Little Brains
-Katie Caspero, OT Graphically
-Sarah Good, Sarah Good Occupational Therapy
-Steve Page, NeuroVlog

6pm EST - Online Summit
-Rhiannon Crispe, The OT Lifestyle Movement
-Lauren Sheehan, Rehab Tech Summit
-Sarah Rheinberger, Empowered Space
-Raheema Hemraj, Rehab Tech Summit


Sunday, September 12th

10am EST - Podcasts
-Sarah Putt, OT4Lyfe
-Mandy Chamberlain, Seniors Flourish
-Jayson Davies, OT Schoolhouse
-Karena Skibinski, What About the Mama?

11am EST - Physical Products
-Hiral Khatri, OT Park Corp.
-Katie O'Day, Visual Activity Sort
-Patricia Cunha, Humana Mente
-Holly Masters, Purpose Therapeutic Subscription Box
-Ali Izzo-Linton, Purpose Therapeutic Subscription Box

12pm EST - Book Authors
-Kim Hazelton, Sense Able Brain Therapy & Learning Services
-Sharon Drewlo, Forward Therapy Solutions
-Danielle Delorenzo, Mindfulness in mOTion
-Arianna Medina, This Kids Future
-Amy Baez, Playapy

1pm EST - Telehealth/Hybrid Practice
-Lindsey Kaupp, E-Motion Therapy
-Sakshi Tickoo, Sex, Love, and OT
-Genevieve Engleman, The Remote OT
-Cheryl Albright, Soul to Soul Yoga

4pm EST - Online Program
-Sarah Colins, Homeschool OT
-Mary Kostka, Ohana Occupational Therapy
-Alexis Joelle, AJoelle Consulting
-Sherie Francis-Harrison, Occupational Therapy Services of Orlando
-Ashley Short, Life Redesigned

5pm EST - Consultants/Specialists
-Krupa Kuruvilla, Verge Learning
-Elisa Wern, AT & OT Consulting & Coaching
-Gretchen Kingma, Empowered Homes
-Kali Knight, nutraMetrix Consultant

6pm EST - YouTubers
-Nekole Amber, Kids OT Help
-Adam Griffin, Adam the OT
-Amy Baez, Playapy
-Arno van Vuuren, The OT Minute
-Dana Ashton, The OT Guide



How much is my investment?


OT Online Side Hustle and Beyond is not free, but it will show you all of the possibilities you desire to become independent of your full time job. It's not a monthly membership program or a subscription to your state association.


It's a small investment in yourself that will create a huge profit for your future.


One that will pay you back for the rest of your career, by letting you make a difference in the world...all the while obtaining work/life balance.


It will give you the freedom to quit your job and take control of your financial destiny at the fraction of the cost of a full business program (which can cost tens of thousands of dollars).


When you compare all of that against the investment and how it could change your life, then it's an easy decision.



Choose "Live Virtual Conference"
"Event Plus Coaching"


Network with amazing OT entrepreneurs
ask them all of your questions


Start your own online business
gain the freedom and flexibility you've been waiting for.


Nothing will work if you sit there at home just wishing for more money and more time


We were all scared and nervous one day, but what sets us apart is that we took ACTION!


If you're ready to take action today, this is the best investment you can make for yourself.


It's either this or booking a coaching call with some of speakers at around $200/per hour. Talk to over 50 speakers could cost you over $10,000!


Attending the OT Online Side Hustle and Beyond Live Virtual Conference costs as low as 3 payments of $107.

Live Virtual Conference

only 3 payments of $107

Most Popular

  • Learn from over 50 speakers
  • 2-day live event
  • Keynote address by the top healthcare coach
  • 15+ ways to make money online
  • Group interviews for each panel
  • Individual breakout sessions to get all your questions answered
  • Conference workbook
  • "Top digital tools" comparison checklist

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Event Plus Coaching

only 3 payments of $207

Limited to 10 spots

  • Learn from over 50 speakers
  • 2-day live event
  • Keynote address by the top healthcare coach
  • 15+ ways to make money online
  • Group interviews for each panel
  • Individual breakout sessions to get all your questions answered
  • Conference workbook
  • "Top digital tools" comparison checklist
  • 90-minute coaching call
  • Money making action plan
  • Online marketing strategies
  • Coaching call summary report

Save $24 now by paying full

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What type of event is this? 

This is the biggest OT networking event of the year!!! The one that will set you on the path to financial and time freedom, so that you can have a better work/life balance.

Is this only for OTs or is it for OTAs too? What about students?

Anyone interested in using occupational therapy skills to make money online is invited to this event.

Will I learn HOW to have an online business? 

The speakers will be sharing all the information on what's worked and what hasn't in their online business. They will be sharing the steps and all the ins and outs of being an online creator and entrepreneur. Get ready to take lots of notes!

What if I can't sit online for 2 full days?

This is the true of whether or not you're cut out for the online entrepreneur life...just kidding. There is a 1 hour lunch break scheduled each day. Also, you can pick and choose which type of online business appeals to you more and make sure you attend those sessions.

It's time to start using your expertise and creativity to take control of your financial destiny!


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