A Unique Opportunity for Occupational Therapy Practitioners

Become a Confident and Competent Telehealth Practitioner

Without having to scour the internet, Facebook groups, and wasting time with free classes that only hit the surface.


All The Tools You Need To Be The Best Telehealth OT Provider


Choose from the Technology Package, the Entrepreneur Package, or the 1:1 Coaching Package. Whether you are stuck with telehealth tech, you have the entrepreneurial bug, or you are ready to find new clients, the Telehealth OT Accelerator program has something for you!


Choose the Right Package for Me!

3 Packages to Meet Your Needs

Technology Package

Learn about all the technology being used in telehealth today:

Telehealth setup


Boom Cards

Green screen

Doc cams

Escape rooms

Bitmoji classroom

Google Meet

Google Jamboard

Slide decks

I Need Help With Technology

Entrepreneurship Package

Learn all the steps required to start your own telehealth private practice. Be your own boss and set your own rules!

Creating a business plan


Client avatar


Business structure


Billing and insurance

Pricing and systems

Social media marketing

Telehealth assessments

Telehealth EMR/platforms

Independent contracting in telehealth


I'm Ready to be an Entrepreneur

1:1 Coaching Package

Learn about the Telefreedom Formula so you can have clients lined up begging to work with you. Use the full potential of social media marketing!

Client avatar

Social media presence


Servant mindset

Power of networking



Tracking and follow ups

Other streams of income

Show Me How to Get New Clients

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Amazing OTs Learning About Telehealth Tech

"I wanted to learn more how to do telehealth as I had no idea how to do online sessions well. I am not a tech person and the tech sessions are VERY useful."


Meet Tosha Gaines

Tosha jumped right into telehealth post COVID and joined the Telehealth OT Accelerator program to grow her business.

Meet Aslie Juan

Aslie joined the Telehealth OT Accelerator program to just learn about telehealth. Now she has the entrepreneurial bug!


Meet Rachael Gaunt

Rachael walked away from the Telehealth OT Accelerator program with a brand new business idea. She is doing amazing!

I'm Ready to Accelerate My OT Career!