My Top 8 Products for Running a Successful Telehealth OT Practice

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2021

#1 Logitech Headset 

This USB headset with a microphone is noise canceling which enhances both focus and patient privacy during sessions.


#2 Ring Light

A ring light ensures better quality lighting for video calls. The tripod stand allows for adjustments, portability, and an easy setup. This ring light is USB powered and has different light modes to create a welcoming environment.  


#3 BetterTelehealth

A user-friendly platform for both the therapist and the clients! With no signup fees, no subscription fees, no application fees, it’s as easy as a click of a button for just 3 cents per minute for calls. Better Telehealth is a HIPAA compliant, secure platform where all of your administrative work is done for you, including automatic reminders and digital consent forms. Access Better Telehealth from any device with easy functions such as screen sharing, recording, and text chats!


#4 Trello

Trello is a free way to stay organized! The easy design can be used for To-Do lists, brainstorm boards, calendar reminders, and more. Trello can be synced across devices to stay organized on the go.


#5 SimplePractice Telehealth/EMR Platform

A hassle-free practice management platform with telehealth. A free trial is available before your subscription. SimplePractice is a HIPAA compliant platform and accessible across devices. Screen sharing, multiple views, and reliable video quality makes telehealth therapy sessions easier. Scheduling is easier for both the therapist and the clients, as it is all accessible online through SimplePractice.  


#6 IPEVO Document Camera

The perfect addition to your virtual environment. This high-definition document camera is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Chromebook for live streaming of your materials.            


#7 Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Get a monthly subscription with Google Workspace, where all of your professional needs are met. One platform for all productivity and collaboration tools you will need for your business, like Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, and more.


#8 iMac

This is based off preference; however, an iMac’s large monitor allows for split screen mode to monitor notes while in a video call.


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